We are Lomster

A software design company based in Winchester, Hampshire, we work with clients all over the world.

We build software for people. Modern sites and apps that attract and engage customers on any device or platform. Solutions that change and adapt with technology and your business.

The future is all about devices and services. As experts in cloud and virtualization technology, we can help you plan and implement a cloud and virtualization strategy that fits your business.

We don't just write code. We love writing about things we find interesting. Lomster Media publish sites about technology, fine wine, coffee and local food and drink.

Software Design This is what we love to do!

Lomster have a passion for designing modern software that solves people's problems today!

We make future-ready software for people. We design solutions that are ready to evolve with your business. We build internal software that your employees will love using, because it was made by a company that believes in listening and understanding customer requirements, and is designed to fit the way they work, rather than forcing them to submit to the whims of some software developer who thinks he knows best.

We build modern, brilliant web sites and apps that deliver great user experiences on any device, anywhere. We believe this is the right way to reach and retain customers both today and tomorrow. The Post-PC era is here. Devices and services are the future.

We love to listen and understand our customers needs and design a solution that best addresses them. Although technological excellence and best-practice is important to us, it is useless unless it serves the needs of your company, your employees and customers.

Our Services What we offer your business

Responsive Modern Sites and Apps

Today your customers expect 24 hour access to your web sites. They want to be able to access your services anywhere, on any device. We pride ourselves on designing modern sites and apps that work across every device and platform and offers great user experiences everywhere.

This applies to apps as well as web sites. You do not need to fear Mobilegeddon, if you hire us!

Making Internal Systems work better together

In our careers we have spent a lot of time fixing legacy code that no-one knew what it was meant to do or how it worked. We are not afraid of getting our hands dirty.

We understand that fixing what is not broken is not good business sense. Yet many systems could be opened up and integrated, creating new opportunities for customer acquisition, not to mention giving your employees new ways to work smarter, anywhere.

Cross-platform Development

The future of software will become even more fragmented as the number of platforms and devices multiply. We build flexible, modern web services that provide the data to power not just your web sites but also apps for iOS, Android, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and even OS X.

New tools from Xamarin, Apache and Microsoft make this process a lot less daunting and cheaper than it used to be. Cloud services deliver improved security, availability and scalability whilst lowering op-ex. We can help you find the right way for your business.

Modern, Intelligent APIs that unlock your data

Silos of separate apps and databases should be a thing of the past. Data is one of the most valuable assets for most companies. It is an asset all too often under-used and under-appreciated.

Whether you simply want to untangle and unify disparate data sources to help your employees work smarter, or explore more adventurous ways of gaining new business through exposing modern APIs to third-parties who can providing services unlocking value from your data helping attract business and revenue, we can help.

Cloud Strategy Cloud and Virtualization that fits your business

  • Cloud Migration Specialists

    Do you still run your own mail servers? Are you internal systems often down, or just too painful to access?

    The world is moving to the cloud. This is partly because it has proven an excellent way to cut operating and CapEx costs. Even more importantly it enables your organisation to collaborate better, work smarter, and have access to all the information they need wherever they are. Cloud solutions also have the advantage of easily scaling according to your business needs.

    As Microsoft Cloud Partners with experience both with planning and performing corporate cloud migration, we would be delighted to advise you on what the right cloud strategy might be for your business.

  • Cloud solutions of every kind

    Migrate email to the cloud. It is far more reliable, cheaper and more secure. Smarter filtering and increased availability enabe you to respond to customers faster.

    Collaboration solutions let people work together anywhere. Secure file sharing and adhoc project or team sites enables value collaboration, not just inside the company, but with trusted partners. Again, modern cloud platforms are far more secure than sending emails to everyone.

    Server Virtualization increases capacity, provides dramatic reductions in both CapEx and OpEx, and easily scales to meet changing business needs.

    Moving to using public clouds can unlock further cost savings, provide truly unlimited scalability as well as access to advanced technologies and reliability that would be beyond the reach of most single organisationsa single organisation.

Portfolio Some of our work, spanning 15 years.

  • Bestbetting

    During 10 years at Betgenius Limited, where Dani started as employee number 3 and ended up as Technical Director, he worked on this pioneering odds comparison site and database. This allowed Betgenius to keep building new products becoming a leading provider of data services to the betting industry.

    Goldbet Sports

    Lomster developed a mobile site for the Austria-based bookmaker Goldbet Sports, which was later turned into a mobile app, bypassing legacy technology and leveraging modern APIs

    Beyond the PC

    Lomster publish this web site devoted to the post-PC era of devices and services.

  • Elitistreview

    This is another of our media sites. Published since 2005, Elitistreview delivers fine writing about fine wine, food and drinks, restaurants, local produce and the people who make it.

    Caffeine Fix

    The latest addition to the Lomster Media portfolio, publishing articles, reviews and opinion on Nespresso Coffee Machines and Nespresso compatible pods in particular. We believe this is the best way to enjoy coffee, and 300+ Michelin-starred restaurants agree.

    Your Project goes here

    Do you need a web site or app, professionally designed using modern technology and best practice? A project that evolves with technology but is designed for people. Contact us!

Lomster Media Intelligent opinionated writing about wine, food and technology.

  • Beyond the PC
    Exploring devices and services

    We are passionate about technology, the new things it enables us do, and even more importantly what it lets us stop doing.

    We live in the post PC world! Ubiquitous connectivity lets people work and play anywhere, on any device or platform.

    We think this monumental technological and culture shift merits writing about it intelligently, especially about the silly bits.

    Writing about food and wine since 2005

    A very different site that explores and promotes quality food and drink, especially from local farmers and producers.

    We judge suppliers, shops and restaurants purely by quality, not by the reputation of the chef, or how expensive or pretentious their products are.

    Quality is about quality, not about branding or market positioning. As the Basque proverb says "If it is possible to live,it is possible to live well"!

    Caffeine Fix
    The best coffee is served at home

    The latest addition to the Lomster Media empire, Caffeine Fix is all about coffee.

    Commentary, articles, reviews and opinion on Nespresso Coffee Machines and Nespresso compatible pods in particular.

    We believe this is the best way to enjoy coffee, and 300+ Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants agree.

Written language is even more expressive than any programming language, whether lambda functions in C# or CSS media queries. We write on topics that interest us. Thinking about the ramifications and opportunities brought about by disruptive technical change helps us spot and benefit from the transformation and profounnd change happening in the world of technology

At Lomster we are a team that know what we do and love what we do

  • Dani Lindholm

    Dani Lindholm

    Having worked for 25 years in pretty much every position in the software development industry, ending up as a board-level Technical Director role managing 80+ people in two countries, Dani decided it was time to move out of London, and get back to doing what he liked best.

    Building software for people. Designs that solve your business problems today, yet adapt to customer expectations and technological change tomorrow.

    Dr David J Strange

    Dr Davy Strange

    Davy is in charge of our media empire. He also deals competently with customer support, copy-writing, design, and keeps our sub-contractors, Dani, and our office cat, Kisu happy.

    He used to be an expert on fungal root disease in Alaska. He probably also knows as much about fine wine than anyone else in the UK, and is certainly prepared to be more opinionated about it that any other writer.


    Too important to ignore

    If your project is to big for the two of us, Dani has built up a network of excellent people in England, Estonia and beyond, whose services we are able to rely on as needed.

    They are just as passionate as we are about developing quality software, with a focus on understanding user requirements and delivering great customer experiences.

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